Day 9

Honor Light

i used to only see the negative things in my life. about what i didn’t have, how i didn’t have that many friends or i didn’t make enough money. i never had an idea of what gratitude was. i don’t remember learning anything like it when i was younger. it wasn’t until about 4 years ago that i heard this word. at first when i heard people expressing their gratitude i thought it was kind of cheesy. someone expressing what they like about their life. tedious little things like, i have a house to live in and i have a job. it was really silly to me, but it’s funny to remember how my mind worked back then. as i’m writing this on an airplane i can’t help but to tear up. i can’t believe that i have the life i have today. somewhere along the way i learned to honor light. the light in my life is all of the positive things that occur or that i have, it’s me being grateful for what’s in my life. today i honor light when i am present. when i bring my breathe into me consciously and look around me. i see all of the beautiful things that i have. a wonderful place to live, being grateful, people who love me and having a life worth living. i don’t want to go back to the life i used to live so i practice this constantly because i have seen teachers who have taught me these things go back to the way that they used to live, in complete darkness with no hope. i honor light because it makes my existence peaceful. i will always choose to look on the bright side.

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