Day 89

Real Magic

i always used to think magic was something fairytales were made out of. magicians, witches, wizards, those were the only things capable of producing magic. i never quite realized what magic really meant. magic isn’t the spells or curses that i learned about when i was a kid. real magic happens everyday in my life. magic is the first breathe i consciously take in when i wake up. it’s about being present to notice and appreciate the things right in front of me. it’s all about changing my perception and just seeing that everything i see, touch, taste and feel is magic, the good and the bad. viewing my life this way has made it exponentially easier and happier. magic reminds of the innocence i felt when i was a kid and didn’t worry about what life had in store for me. the true magic is i have the knowledge that i get to create a life of my own. i don’t have to follow anyone else’s beliefs or standards, just my own. 

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