Day 88

Growing Pain

i know through any big transition in my life, especially tough ones, i experience some degree of pain. uncertainty, sadness and fear are prevalent feelings when it comes to this type of pain that i get. what I’ve learned through this process, is that everything is temporaryfeelings don’t last forever. i used to hold on to these feelings and think that they were who i was. as i experienced more and learned more, is that this wasn’t true. it’s just a growing pain. after every experience, i would learn a little more about myself. the most recent growing pain i have had was that i wasn’t loving myself enough. i was pouring all of my energy and love into something that wasn’t there. it was the first time that i had the opportunity to experience something like that in the headspace i am in these days. it was a good learning lesson for myself because i discovered more about me. i learned about patience, my worth and my time. it took space from the situation to finally see my actions and correct them to get myself back on track. life is a growing experience. i am grateful for each opportunity i get to learn from and grow from.

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