Day 86

Let Go

i know that at a point in my life i would hold on to every little thing that someone or something had said or done to me. i would take it personally and internalize it, shaping the way that i viewed my reality. it would be as a little comment like “you look a little rough today” to a true statement as “you’re a little bit out of control.” my reaction to these types of things would be, “oh i’ll fucking show you.” i kept up with that behavior in my early twenties and spiraled out of control big time. mentally, i was completely fucked and had so much resentment towards everyone and everything. it lead into a deep low that i finally had to look at myself and admitted to myself, i can’t do this anymore. i didn’t know about the concept of not taking things personally. everyone has their own set of beliefs and says things that are not intentionally meant to hurt you. it was then that i found out how to let go. at first, it was a bit challenging to not go back to the same behavior of taking things personally, but i had a lot of practice through awareness to let go of these thoughts. the more that i let go, the more that i get to accept positivity. in every moment of my life i have the choice to let go of things that serve me and things that do not. i am happy to let go in order to make space to create the life i want to live.

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