Day 83

Touch Eternity

i always used to look at life in a very glum way, sometimes i still do. the main glum thought that i would have was, “what’s the point in all of this? i’m just going to die anyway.” i used to not question the thoughts that would come into my head and now, i find this thought a bit disturbing when it does cross my mind. i know now that life is worth living and there is point to all of this. i never used to have the faith that everything was okay. i always thought there was some impending doom lurking around the corner, that the odds were always stacked against me. when i had my first experience with realizing i am a tiny speck in time, i found a lot of comfort in that. i know it might seem depressing at first, but it helped me touch eternity. to think that i am very small, but very big at the same time was and is very powerful for me. i use this type of thinking when i am going through a sad, angry or any negative emotional phase. i know it will pass and i have amazing things to look forward to. this is just a very small piece of my life and nothing in the whole existence of time. this thinking has lead me to really great relationships with other people and especially with myself.

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