Day 82

Godly Manner

i know when i used to go about my day, my actions and intentions would always be based in self-centered/self-seeking motives. what can i get out of this person or situation? can they make me feel good about myself? i never really cared about the reaction of my actions, as long as i was getting what i needed. it was getting to the point of me ruining relationships with people, especially my family. in one of my dark episodes, i was introduced to the word agape. when i heard this for the first time i was shook, so to speak. i googled the word and the definition came up. it was defined as god’s unconditional love or to simply put it, unconditional love. this was the first stepping stone to my living now what i like to call, godly manner. in my day to day life, i try my best to approach everything in a godly manner, react to all things with unconditional love. currently as i am writing this, i am in the midst of a romantic separation. it has been challenging, but i know that there is no reason to let negativity get the best of me. as long as i bring positive energy, unconditional love, into my actions, especially in my own thinking, the healing will be much easier. that why i act in a godly manner, for others and for myself.

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