Day 7

Limitless Faith

i used to live in constant fear of the future. am i going to be successful? am i going to meet the love of my life? what is life like after death? why doesn’t that person like me? it caused me a lot of anxiety and stress. everything had to be in my control, but nothing was in my control. i felt so helpless to life. it wasn’t until a few years ago that i heard a saying, “my life is unfolding perfectly, no matter what.” when i heard this it’s as if i was finally released from my cycle of masochism. i felt like i could actually breathe. i felt for the first time a sense of faith. everything is working out the way it was suppose to.  the experiences that i have had up until then were necessary in order for me to have that precise moment of clarity. everything just made sense. as time went on, my faith became stronger. if a situation came up that seemed impossible or dooming i would just remind myself, “my life is unfolding perfectly, no matter what.” my move to LA has been by far the scariest thing that I’ve ever done. nothing lined up for me when i moved here, just to a place to stay. i sold everything i owned, except for my bed and 2 suitcases of my most treasured belongings. it was really rough in the beginning  securing a job, missing my friends, meeting new people, but i kept on putting myself out there. i cried, i laughed, i had so much fun and so much fear the first month and i finally secured a job, met amazing people and felt more comfortable being in the one of the most amazing places in the world. it was then i acquired limitless faith. i knew with any new thing that came my way, i would be able to walk through anything. i am so grateful for all of the things that have happened in my life. it has definitely made me more brave and peaceful. i live life to the fullest and never stay too long in doubt because i finally realized and understand, anything is possible.

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