Day 3

Stillness Speaks

throughout the day i find myself lost in my own thoughts. figuring out what i need to do next, who i need to contact, am i going to have the funds to do this, what is for dinner, oh remember that one time they looked at you like that. the list goes on and on of all of the things the i think about throughout the day. the worst is when i am gripped by sadness or frustration. is anyone ever going to love me, is anyone ever going to love me, is the saddest thought that crosses my mind frequently. why do people act they way the do is the most frustrating thing to try to understand. Elkhart Tolle said in his book, The Power of Now” that over-thinking is an addiction. struggling to think the outcome of every scenario of my life is way out of my control and exhausting. i’ve learned that meditation and mindfulness help ease that. all of my answers are found in the silence, the stillness speaks. i pause when i am agitated and sit still with my body and mind. i don’t know how to explain it, but something speaks to me. i have named this reminder of all things, Leo. this is thing that speaks to me in the stillness, a reminder of all things are stemmed from love, positivity. in the stillness i find all of my answers. all i need to do is remember to mindfully come back to my breathe, and to stop the thinking i ask myself, “what am i going to think of next?”. in the end none of this matters, just have fun with it!

much love.

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